Connect on real-time and network face to face on the basis of Mutual Interests

There is immense positivity when a group of people sharing mutual interests connects in real-time to network face to face. It is often said that if an individual isn’t them, there can’t be an us.

Hobnobpal stitches the ends by connecting the user’s Live within a specified radar set-up by the user which can be minimum 100m based on their mutual interest. Users can take a break from their formal universe and interact physically. This application also allows the user to mark other users favorite, comment upon their profile pictures, check Six Degree of Separation, network face to face and much more.

Our Vision

In 2019, most social interactions are virtual. There’s a need to connect face to face and HobnobPal fills that gap for professionals.

  • Connect people from different professional backgrounds who shares mutual interests.
  • Generate more efficient and effective face to face networking
  • Build a simple user-experience
  • Create a thriving social community

Features that connect your Mutual Interest

A mindset when connected with someone who shares mutual interests through Hobnobpal can increase the morale of the user. Face to face networking in an unknown location tends to connect them in real-time physically. Other features include

Network in Real-time with a user

Through Hobonobpal app, a user can scan the live connections of other users present in the radius set within the location. They can connect physically by sharing the mutual tag of interest diminishing the bar of formalities. This would result in face to face networking and strengthening physical bonding.

Six Degrees of Separation:

There is a popular theory which states that there is a minimum of six connections between you and anyone else present in this universe. Through Hobnobpal, you can monitor every individual mutually connected between you and the other users. This would allow you to expand your connections and connect Physically.

Group Meet-ups:

Through Hobnobpal, the user can create a private or public discussion forum for individual interaction. The user can add other users in the forum who shares the same area of interest. The consent to remain in the group or to eliminate themselves remain in the hands of users who have been added.

Profile views

Through Hobnobpal, the connections created by a user can see their profile pictures as well as their area of interests mentioned by them respectively. These individual profiles can assist a user to learn about their connections beyond the boundary of the professional field and allow them to connect Physically.

Physically Connecting Users to boost morale and strengthing Social Interest:

The importance of communication and collaboration has always been constant in a fast-paced changing professional environment. Through Hobnobpal, the users not only tend to physically connect with someone who shares the same tag of interest but also network face to face in the unknown ground.

  • Exchange of Wisdom
  • Common Connection
  • High Morale

Get Live Connections in one tap via Hobnobpal:

Expansion of mindset professionally through connected users in Hobnobpal who are sharing mutual interest adds an entertainment element in users personal space. The opportunity to network face to face with other users diminishing the bar of formality while interaction strengthens the bond as peers.

Hobnobpal also creates a grapevine communication scenario while networking face to face and connecting physically with other users.

Available for iOS and Android

This application is available both for Andriod and IOS. Stay Tuned for more updates.

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